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Reflections on a Decade

10 Years of Winemaking at Elevation Ten

Please enjoy a note from our proprietors and winemaker.

Rina & Dominic DiMare, Proprietors

It is hard for us to contemplate that our little winery has been in business now for ten years.  It's been such a wild ride with lots of twists and turns and thanks to a global pandemic, even a few loop de loops, but here we are 10 years old and still going strong. 

Making wine is one of the most magical processes and when you and your family of partners all share the same passion it is priceless.  Seeing a vineyard planted stake by stake and vine by vine is exciting but when those first buds bloom in March it is God’s great way of saying cheers to all of us.  And, sipping each vintage brings everyone’s hard work to fruition.  From our winemaking team whom we absolutely love to our tasting room family, whom we cherish, we enjoy every minute of this and we hope that shows in our wines and in your experience at Elevation Ten. Of course, none of this would be possible without you, our wonderful family of club members and customers.  Thank you to our entire team both former and current and to our wonderful winemakers, Marco and Fernando.  We are looking forward to the next 10 years.

Marco Cappelli, Winemaker

Leaving Napa Valley in 2004 after almost two decades of winemaking, I wasn’t prepared for the very wide world of wine that awaited me. I had never visited many of the grape-growing regions in California, so from my new home in the tiny AVA of Fair Play I set about learning as much as I could about the wines around me.  In a few years I was tasting and making wines that rivaled anything I had experienced in Napa.

By 2009 I had made my way to Clarksburg, thanks to a fortuitous encounter with the partners of Elevation Ten Winery.  We founded our winemaking model on the concept of “Sense of Place”, celebrating the character and personality that a particular soil and climate impart on the wine.  We wanted to let the grapes speak for themselves and chose AVAs that offer very different “Terroirs”.  Most special to us is the AVA of Clarksburg, with its long history of farming and world-renowned soil and climate, not to mention the home-base of the partners.  The wines from Clarksburg are intensely varietal, exceptionally well-balanced and imminently drinkable.  The grapes are so good that an experienced winemaker knows that to make the perfect wines, they must simply stay out of the way and let nature take center-stage. 

Elevation Ten Winery now celebrates 10 years of winemaking and it’s only just the beginning; many more discoveries await us, and many more delicious wines!

Andy Wallace, Proprietor

Ten years ago, when we decided to name our winery Elevation Ten, we made the conscious decision to honor our beloved little town of Clarksburg, which sits just ten feet above sea level and, in everything we do, share a part of what makes this town so special to all of us.  Clarksburg is a farming town and growing grapes and producing wine has enabled us to be able to share our little town with thousands of people every year.  Our secret is out.

We wouldn’t be Elevation Ten without our winemaker, Marco Cappelli, without our dedicated and wonderful staff and without our wine club and loyal customers.  We thank all of you for making the last ten years possible and we look forward to the next ten years of creating great memories and enjoying some great wine together.

Bob & Don Clark, Proprietors

We are so excited to be celebrating our 10-year anniversary. When we started our winery, our partners all were adamant that we had to make great wine, provide a classy and special experience for our wine club family, and we wanted to have fun experiencing our passion for wine together. We have been so very lucky to have Marco Cappelli as our winemaker to produce exquisite wines, Maria Newman as our manager and our staff to provide an exceptional experience for everyone, and first-class partners who have never wavered from our vision. Thank you all for being part of our wine family.