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The Old Sugar Mill 

The Old Sugar Mill is home to a unique community of eleven California wineries and their signature wines: Elevation Ten Winery, Todd Taylor Wines, Three Wine Company, R. Merlot Winery, Rendez-vous Winery, Due Vigne, Perry Creek Winery, Draconis Winery, Heringer Estates, Clarksburg Wine Company, and the Carvalho Family Wines. The wineries at the Old Sugar Mill are a bridge to the rich agricultural heritage of the region, whose vineyards are staking their claim alongside the great wine growing regions of the world.

Old Sugar Mill is also home to Clarksburg Wine Company, a custom crush facility dedicated to the production of wines which achieve the client's vision. From entire vineyards to small lots, the Clarksburg Wine Company has state-of-the-art equipment, tools, and amenities to produce world class wines.

Originally built in Utah, the factory was transported piece by piece via railroad to Clarksburg in 1935. The factory operated under three different owners until its closing in 1993. While the Old Sugar Mill was producing sugar, it was so busy, it had a railroad line that ended right at the factory. In 2000, plans were made to renovate the factory and turn it into the beautiful multi use facility it is today. The Old Sugar Mill is a popular destination for wine tasting, weddings and a wide variety of special events.