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Recipe by Wine Type

White Wines 

White wines pair harmoniously with light meals like fish, turkey and chicken. But what about serving a white wine with spicy cuisine? Try pairing a sweet Riesling with spicy food like Asian cuisine or curry. Or try a Vin Gris with spicy Mexican foods. White wine fits with many meals; try one of our suggestions!

Bay Scallop Pan Roast  >>

Strawberry and Arugula Salad with Honey Dijon Vinaigrette  >>

Grilled Halibut with Orange Remoulade  >>

Roast Chicken With Herbed French Fries>>

Spicy Chicken Soft Tacos with Goat Cheese>>

Strawberry Peach White Sangria>>

Red Wines 

Red wine has a number of different benefits for the body such as lowering cholesterol, protecting your heart, and controlling your blood sugar and can be very beneficial to your health if it is drank a couple of times each week. But red wine doesn’t taste so delicious with every food out there and when drinking it, it is important to match the wine with certain foods in order to get the best taste possible out of both the meal and wine.

Grilled Balsamic and Soy Marinated Flank >>

Walnut-Crusted Beef Tenderloin >>

Beef Roast with Spicy Parsley Tomato Sauce >>

Whole Wheat Penne With Wild Mushrooms  >>

Garlic Marinated Flank Steak >>

Zinfandel Braised Lamb Chops with Dried Fruit >>

Classic Spanish Sangria>>

 Blueberry Chipotle Baby Back Ribs>>

Dessert Wines 

So how to figure out what wine to pick with dessert? There are three factors to consider: acidity (an acidic wine may pair best with a fruit dish, which also has natural acidity), intensity (the more intense the flavors of a dessert, the more intense the wine), and sweetness (a dessert wine should be sweeter than the dessert itself).

Scharffen Berger Brownies  >>

Chocolate-Espresso Cake  >>